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gu(anonymous)28 Giu, 18:34
Dear Sir / Madam :
Kung Fu is an integral part of thousands-years¡¯ Chinese culture. It has a long stansing histcory, a variety of conters and a great number of schools together with uncountable martial arts which can Be mentioned in the same breath of Kung Fu in our world.
Mr Gu Ping is one of the 9th generation of Civil Chinese,¡° the Blue Book of The World¡±,¡° the Century Intellectuals Dictionary¡±. And now he is member of martial arts union of tens of countries. He is also invited to give lectures and teach Kung Fu by as many as one hundred overseas martial arts associations. He is proficient in Shaolin Barred-hand school¡¯s knife ,spear, sword, stick, voxing, Qi Gong, together with other school¡¯s weapons and Qi Gong.
The Kung Fu and Qi Gong class presided by Mr. Gu Ping will open at august 1,2001, and he would guide and teach the variety of Kung Fu and other Chinese martial arts by himself . If you have an interest to join our team or communicate with us, please fill in the following form and we will make a favorable arrangement for you .

Application Form for Gu Ping ¡¯s Kung Fu and Qi Gong Class

Full Name:
Full Home Address:
Tel No,Home:
1. How long will you intend to stay in our class?

2. What kind of Kung Fu have you learned? How much do you know about Kung Fu?

3. What time will be convenient for you to learn Kung Fu , morning , afternoon or evening?

4. Please put a¡°¡Ì¡±beside the items what you are interested in ,otherwise put a ¡°¡Á¡±:
¢ñ. 1/Shaolin barred hand Qi Gong;
2/Tai ji Qi Gong ;
3/other school¡¯s Qi Gong;
¢ò. 1/Kung Fu of Shaolin barred hand(including knife,spear,sword,stick,boxing)
2/wu¡¯s Tai Ji boxing
3/other school¡¯s Tai Ji boxing
4/Tang Lang boxing
5/Standardised Kung Fu, including moden Kung Fu and traditional Kung Fu.
6/Other school¡¯s Kung Fu
¢ó.Ying Gong
¢ô.San Shou

Time: August 1-30,2001(one month in total ,or 250 learning hours)

Tuition fee: USD1000(not including meals and accommodations)

Object: to master the essentials of Kung Fu

Head Coach : Mr.Gu Ping, one of the 9th generation of orthodox Shaolin Barred-hand

School, selected into ¡°the Blue Book of Civil Chinese ¡±,¡°the Blue Book of The

World¡± ,¡°The Century Intellectuals Dictionary¡±,10th Dan ,Am member of Wushu Association of Guangzhou.

During the session,we will organize students to study and exchange every school chinese Kung

Fu , we will organize students to visit the sacred places of Kung

Fu and other scenic spot ,historic site etc.

GuangZhou International Public Relation Association .
GuangZhou International Culture (Chinese Kung Fu) Exchange College .
President Guping , one of the leader of Chinese Kung Fu,
Gu Ping

People's Republic of China
Guangdong Province
Guangzhou City 510300
160, Xin Gang West Road
Guangdong Light Industries Higher Professional Technical Training college




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